Why reflexology might be right for you

Reflexology may help to relieve the symptoms of:

* Stress related problems
* Hormonal imbalances, PMT and menopausal problems
* IBS, constipation and digestive problems
* Irregular periods
* Headaches and migraines
* Shoulder and back pain

Reflexologists cannot diagnose or cure. You should always visit your GP, or a qualified medical professional, if you are experiencing any of these health issues.

Fertility Reflexology

Statistics currently indicate that one in six couples will face issues and obstacles when trying to conceive a baby. There is an enormous amount of support available, however with General Practitioners asking couples to 'try' for two to three years before referring them for tests and further investigation/treatment, there are a number of things that couples can do in the meantime to improve their chances of conceiving. More couples are now looking at alternative therapies and ways to boost their chances, and whilst diet and exercise play a big part in this, complimentary therapies such a reflexology can really help too. 

Reflexology offers a natural, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment, which alleviates tension, improves mood, aids sleep and provides an overall sense of wellbeing. All important factors when trying to conceive. 

During the initial consultation we will discuss your medical history, any issues that you are aware of that may be hindering your chances of falling pregnant, your lifestyle choices and diet. I am also happy to offer advice and guidance based on my own experiences, knowledge and research (should this be desired), as well as offering an ear to listen to how you are feeling, and anything that you want to discuss in a safe and confidential environment.  

During your treatments I will work the entire foot and lower leg, but I will focus my attention on the reflexes associated with your endocrine and reproductive systems.  

Please note that reflexology can be used safely alongside fertility treatment, including IVF/ICSI.  

Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is safe at all stages of pregnancy, and with regular treatments can help prevent and alleviate numerous pregnancy ailments. Reflexology can be used for the following reasons:

*General relaxation

*Relief of stress and anxiety

*Reduce heartburn

*Relieve backache

*Nausea and vomiting 

*High blood pressure





*Priming for labour

*Induction of labour (must be discussed with midwife or GP) 

Research indicates that regular reflexology sessions during pregnancy may shorten labour, with many women requiring less pain relief.

Post-natal Reflexology

Reflexology post baby can help to assist with:



*Sleep problems

*Stress and anxiety


*Urine retention

*Engorged breasts

*Postnatal depression