Sessions & Prices

I treat my clients from The Good* Therapy Clinic in Sucklings Yard in Ware. It is a quiet and calm space and perfect for relaxation. I use an organic Neals Yard foot balm for reflexology treatments. 

During your initial consultation appointment we will discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices and health goals. Having this information will enable me to create an appropriate treatment plan for you. This information will be kept confidential - please see my privacy notice for more information.

Both a reflexology and reiki treatment will be carried out in a reclined position for maximum comfort and relaxation.

A reiki and reflexology treatment will last for approximately 60 minutes but you should allow up to 65 minutes for your initial appointment. Please note that currently this consultation is carried out over the phone.

Following a treatment you should feel very relaxed, will usually sleep well and have a sense of wellbeing and balance. However, as reflexology aims to re-balance the body and eliminate toxins, reduce tension and stress and improve blood supply, you may have a “healing reaction” as your body begins to de-tox and bring itself back into balance. It is an entirely normal reaction and should last no more than a few hours. During this time you should stay hydrated, and avoid intense exercise and alcohol and try to take it easy.


The number of reiki or reflexology treatments required will depend on your body's needs and aims. 


Reflexology treatment (60 minutes): £45.00

Reiki treatment (60 minutes): £45.00
Balancing Wellness Treatment (75 minutes): £55.00

75 minutes of pure indulgence. Beginning with a reflexology treatment to work the whole body, focusing on any particular areas or goals you are working on, followed by a calming reiki treatment, focusing on balancing the chakras and the aura.


A nourishing treatment for mind and body leaving you feeling energised and very relaxed.

Wellbeing at Work enquiries:


Please contact me for a quote and further information.

Group events:


Please contact me with further information and to request a quote.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of your treatment price is payable if less than 24 hours notice is given. Please note that this does not apply to clients having preparation for labour treatment.