Pregnancy Yoga

Connect with your baby & prepare your mind and body for labour

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way to help nourish and prepare your body for the journey ahead, both birth and beyond. It can also help you to feel more comfortable in your new pregnant body, and give you the opportunity to connect with your baby.


Benefits of pregnancy yoga:


  • Breathe easier

  • Connect with your baby

  • Naturally relieve discomfort and pain

  • Improve sleep

  • Build mental and physical strength

  • Confidently prepare your mind and body for labour

  • Learn early and active labour techniques

  • Help with back pain, pelvic girdle pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and other pregnancy related ailments

  • Develop a self-care routine to help pre and post baby

  • Understand and work with the changes in your body for a happier you

  • Provide support and community

  • Improve stress and anxiety


Suitable for women from 14 weeks of pregnancy, no prior experience of yoga required.

Practice will be followed by tea, biscuits and the opportunity to talk to other mummy's-to-be!

Classes take place on a Monday evening from 7.30 - 9.00pm, and on a Saturday morning from 9.15-10.30am, at the lovely Mill House in Hertford. The cost per class is £15.00 and you can book on a week by week basis if you wish.

The next term of classes begins on Monday 2 November and Saturday 7 November. Please email lisawellsyoga@outlook.com, or call 07710437398, to reserve your place. 


Post-natal Yoga

A gentle class to re-introduce yoga, with your baby

A friendly, relaxing class suitable for all new mothers and their babies.

Some of the benefits of attending this class are:

  • Meet other new mummy's in a down-to-earth and friendly environment

  • Opportunity to do something for you

  • Begin to introduce gentle movement and exercise that will nourish and benefit your post-baby body

  • Focus on the pelvic floor muscles and integrate them gently into practice

This is a very relaxed class in which you will be able to bring some exercise back into your life, whilst having your baby in the room. Cuddling, feeding, having a chat are all part of this class so women should feel at ease when attending!

Please speak to your GP and ensure you are able to begin exercise again before attending.

Classes take place on a Wednesday morning between 9:30-10:30am at The Mill House, Hertford. The cost per class is £10.00. The next term will begin on Wednesday 4 November. Please note that you can book on a week by week basis.


Vinyasa Flow

Flow with your breath

My classes are down to earth and welcoming. We start with a gentle warm up and then work up a bit of a sweat as we move through our practice. After savasana you will leave my class feeling energised but relaxed!

Benefits of yoga:


  • Easier breathing

  • Improved strength

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improved sleep

  • Helps you to relax

  • Encourages you to be in the present 

  • Improved awareness of the body & mind

  • Relieves stress and anxietyIncreased concentration

  • Calms your nervous system

  • Naturally relieve discomfort and pain

  • Improves your postureImproves metabolism

  • Strengthens your bonesImproves your heart rate

  • Helps to normalise weight

  • Better balance

  • Boosts energy

There are currently no classes scheduled.  However, if you would like to book a private class, or a small group class, please contact me on 07710437398.


Terms & Conditions

Please note that block bookings will not be refunded, and cannot be exchanged. 

Pregnancy Yoga

I will offer any mum that gives birth before the pregnancy yoga term has finished an opportunity to move over to my postnatal yoga classes when she is ready.

07710 437 398

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